What is OEM Coverage?

What is OEM Coverage and why could it be important for me?


Auto insurance is one of those things that most everyone can agree that they want to be completely covered, should an accident happen. One of those coverages that you can add on to your policy is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

OEM is available to be added to your auto policy as an endorsement. This coverage helps to ensure aftermarket parts will not be used when repairs are made to your vehicle. OEM parts coverage guarantees that you will receive OEM parts when your car is being repaired after an accident, regardless of the cost. If you don’t have OEM coverage and you are wanting to have OEM parts on your vehicle, you will likely have to pay the difference out of pocket, and that can add up quickly! With this coverage, depending on the company you are with, not every vehicle is eligible for this coverage due to age and the types of coverage on the vehicle.  This coverage is also only available when an accident occurs.

Why would these parts be better for your car?

Aftermarket parts are built for so many different makes and models and they don’t always work well with YOUR vehicle. OEM may cost a little more up front, but in the long run it could help you to save on repair costs.

How do I know if I need OEM parts coverage?

Well, that’s really your preference. If you feel strongly about having your car repaired with OEM parts, this coverage is the easiest way to guarantee this will happen! It can also be particularly helpful if you have a unique car model where OEM parts could potentially be more expensive.

Getting your car repaired after an accident can be a stressful situation, but having OEM coverage can provide some peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive the highest quality parts or your vehicle.

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